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Mervin Perera

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He is Mervyn Perera .......

Mervin Aloysius Perera was born on September 21, 1940, as the first child of Herman Perera and Isabella Dias. Mervin's father was an artist who practiced vigorous music. He is also a master of Indian dance arts such as Katakaly, Katha, Manipuri. He also worked as a painter and a teacher in many schools. Mervin had seven siblings. Mervyn Payagala was renamed Roman Catholic Primary College. Since school was not a music teacher, Mervyn did not have a problem. When he was 12 years old, Mervyn was walking on his father's footsteps of fortune-telling songs. The Principal of the school, Francis Fernando, then had the opportunity to present Mervyn for the Jassy Musical Examination at a time when the music of the school was not present. That opportunity was a blessing on his way. Mervin, who was a teenager, entered the State Film Academy in 1962 and joined in many hearts in his heart. He is the founder of the Easter drama created by his father, and he thrives on a milestone. The school was completed in 1968 and was successfully completed by the Government. Then, Rajiva Vidyalaya, Rajagiriya, Ampara, got a government teacher position. In the midst of his solitary assemblies for the seventh song, which was composed by Victor Wilson composed by Wilson Meegoda, Mervyn was in the mindset.
Mervin who returned to Ampara returning to Kollonnawa is hoping to quench the thirst. During this time, Mervyn was fortunate enough to awaken his voice for the Tharangani program of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation of a number of distinguished musicians of the country. Mervin's name, which sang the program, quickly became popular in Sri Lanka. In 1971 there was a bit of a change in Mervyn's life. Mervyn was married on May 13 of this year to make Malini Patricia one of his companions. In 1972, Mervin and Malini Nest were joined by a newcomer. That son-in-law was named Amal. Sohan, Nesha and Nesha were the children of both of them. Mervin lost his job for 11 years due to the July strike. At that time he was working at the Vadamulla School, Kelaniya. During this time, he made his guest appearance at the Victor ''සා'' concert as well as Nanda Malini's '' පවන “සත්‍යයේ ගීතය''. At the same time, Mervyn's first studio album was released by the ‘ දෙදෙනා පෙරදා “ cassette. He was reinstated as a teacher of Kalutara Gnanodaya College in 1994. He also contributed to the film '' Twenty-Four Hours ''. In addition, more songs were sung in several other films. Following the arrival of the Sri Lankan Rupavahini Corporation in the film industry, he has the opportunity to contribute to the first teledrama, La Hira Dahasak teledrama. And he also played teledrama. His loving wife, Malini Patricia, separated forever from Mervin in 1999. Mervyn recorded the recording of the 'Nilupul Yuwale' cassette recording 16 songs within eight hours. He was instrumental in creating a musical composition for the song 
 'Mihi Kiula'. Mervin also acted as a music teacher as a music teacher in the foster care of Fonseka.the collection entitled' Suwanthethi Kusumaka'

comes almost a decade after the CD 'Nilupul Yuwale' of the veteran singer-composer who has 
already enriched the local music with many melodious tunes.Among his most memorable 
songs are 'Oba Dedunna',his debut released in 1972 which turned out to be an instant hit, 
'Me Nagaraya' and 'Adare Ran Bingun' which have earned him accolades from both the 
adult and the young generations.That singer, Mervyn Perera, the musician, 
මේ නගරයේ අප මුණගැසුණු ලෙසම යළි මුණ නොගැසෙන,as we met this town. 
You are Mervin, the colorful rainbow in the glamor of Sri Lankan music,today and tomorrow,

Most popular Sri Lankan singer and musician Mervin Perera died December 7, 2008,

Mervin Perera Song List

Adare Ran Bingun Nesu

Akuru Satarakin

Ek Dinak Sandawaka

Katharaka Thaniwee 

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  1. I cant forget you Mervin aiya. when I was studying for my A/L you develop my Positive thinking. and gave good advices to overcome my difficulties God bless your soul.