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    J.A.Milton Perera

                                                                                       J.A.Milton Perera

    He Is J.A.Milton Perera  …….

    J.A.Milton Perera  was born on 9th May, 1929 in the film Singer JA Edward Perera  ( son of Thabla Podi Appuhamy ) who was famous for singing in the film from the period 1960 to 1970 . He was born in 1940 in the heart of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Company "Milton Perera  “ කල්යානියේ,      සිකුරු ලියා ,ඔබවේවා වෙවා පහන මගේ,පොඩිකාලේ අපිදෙන්නා, which was very popular at this time, including actors such as ,Gamini Fonfonsareka,  joe abeywickrama, Tony Ranasinghe, and Vijaya Kumaranatunge,Hettiarachchige Reginold Jothipala and Jayasinghe Arachchige Milton Perera are the two enthusiasts who have taken the time to enjoy the fun of there songs. When Karunaratne Abeysekera and Gunaratne Abeysekera made their songs with the song 'Sangamaya' in the world, they were resentful when they were both having a "big talk". It was not as loud as that of a lady. The brother of the deceased said, "We are happy that we wrote the song and wrote it to Jothi Milton and ended up defiant. Jothi -Milton has become a close friendship to the movie , After Jothi died, he wrote a song about him and invited him to sing it. He liked one. But later in the day, after late in 1991, he told me to "do it tomorrow." Because he said firmly, the next day I set up a separate studio for the recording of Ceylon studio,

    බිතු සිතුවම් රූ වාගේ දුක සැප දෙකෙහිම පැවතී
    හිත මිතුරු මගේ ජෝති ඔබ ඇයිද ගියේ වෙන් වී

    Half of Milton's words went into the mike with gay and outbursts. The memory is difficult for a person, "he said after a heated spinner and told the editor of the sound system, Namal Fernando,           " Wright Namal, now take ,At that moment, the whole song was sung by Milton. It did not intimidate that it became the last song of Milton, and I had to make him the unlucky song writer. These songs that he himself used for the song of Jothi are valid for him today.For the past 25 years, Priyankara Perera and Chaalaka Chamathi Perera were singing songs with songs and keeping the musical talent of Milton Perera. Priyankara's son Pasindu Dilmain Perera too can sing Milton's grandma's songs. Chamathi's son still in school He has already shown musical skills, and he is reading music under Kasun Khamara. Pasindu and Chamath relatives have together presenting the song   " කියන්න කවුද ඔබ කියා " in a Milton Upahara concert amazinged by the audience. Milton's fans will like to see themselves in the future with the Pasindu and Chamath Milton's Psalms.

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