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Milton Mallawarachchi

                                                                          Milton Mallawarachchi
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Milton Mallawarachchi

Birth name -  Milton Mallawarachchi

Born - April 7, 1945

Origin -  Sri Lanka

Died -  March 10, 1998

Genres -  Playback singing,

Occupations -  Musician

Years active 1969 – 1998

He was the loveliest of the lovers of the youths, who performed their super-heartedly remarkable performances. He was angry and angry and sad and sad.
17 years have passed since the melodious, humorous music of the melodious music of the sweethearts of the superfamilies. The Madura thousands sang him although not as dumb forever hear the live singing voice is still beautiful Psalm mouths comfort minds being drawn to our ears.Supem naḷavana hearts broken hearts comfort-loving voice of the songs was about his early career, Milton retired Mallawarachchi gāyanavēdiyāṇan fifty-fourth anniversary of the Tana fan group Zo gilvālamini Ocean. Born on 10.10.1944, Milton Mallawarachchi, born in Kotte, died on 10.03.1998. His 17th greeting has taken place on the 10th. Milton entered the musical field as a musician in the Shakian band in 1965 and was also a singer of the band. Meanwhile, he joined the "La Cilinies" band, and when he was singing with the group, Milton's fate would be resolved by the future destiny. A Milton radio interview earlier said:
Before I became a famous singer, I was addicted to music. At the time, we made a group of orchestras called Shakyans. In addition to the music, I sang in that band. Those who helped me to become a singer initially remind me of Mervyn Rodrigo. At that time, he was a good sound engineer and he worked for recording Gothic recording company's songs.
In those days, I often went to the "La Cilencians" and recorded the songs. They are group songs. When recording songs, Mervyn Rodrigo was especially interested in my voice. The gentleman once called me on his own and said, "Do not sing with the militant band". You have a good ability. Come on by yourself. I'll get that chance.
Then, when Patrick Perera was being sent to me, Mr. Patrick had come to me from Karunaratne Abeysekera. When the talk was taken as soon as the outcome of Sir Mervyn Rodrigo said: "We have to buy a singer can do Mallawarachchi Milton. Record a song that he consumed two of our idea. It's a song written to send Mr. Abeysekera.
Not long ago Mr. Abeysekera wrote four songs. Mohammed Salley Master was making music for the songs. These are "relaxing floating night Ganesh dark lashes eyes feast, cage, you have created, samsara shadow, that song. L. little running speed five and forty. P. Disk Gauri labels from the market and put the disc I was fortunate the first shipment of a good sales were. As a singer, I am grateful to Mervin Rodrigo, Patrick Perera, Karunaratne Abeysekera and Mohammed Salley for the path ahead.
To save the fortunes of English music fans and fans hearts and sweet alchemy Fungus Manohara songs all the songs are sung thousands of monk music world was created nearly four decades while living in Milton Mallawarachchi beautiful singer.
Radio, cinema, and stage shows alike are entering the popular singer who won the hearts of fans despite what Milton Mallawarachchi Young and young adults all still be confirmed when we look at how his music enjoys.
Milton, who had backgrounds on more than 150 films, was awarded the Sarasavi Award for Best Actor at the Kandan Goa song in the year 1984.
Milton Mallawarachchi has won two records in the music field. One of them is the first time to sing a song for a Sinhalese film. It's the Hindi song that Milton has done for සිරිල් මල්ලි.
The first cassette produced in the country, the සඳෙන් එහා  was one of Milton's songs. Accordingly, Milton was named as the singer who sang the country's first cassette.

On July 19, 1973, Milton was married to Swarnamali Malini. Both children and four children. Among them, they are in the singing process of Ranil and Tharaka

 Milton Mallawarachchi Song List

Ada Heta Oba Ma

Ama Ran Hangum Piri 

Awa Adaren Ran Kelum Dige


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