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Labanna Bari Suwa Sahanaya

                                                                                     Labanna Bari Suwa Sahanaya
  -  Milton Mallawarachchi
  -  Labanna Bari Suwa Sahanaya
  -  Eb

|Eb | -  | -  | -  |
|Eb |Cm|Eb|Gm|
|Fm|Eb |Bb|Eb |
|Eb | -  | -  | -  |
|Eb | -  | -  |Ab |
|Eb | + | + | + |
Eb          Bb                   Eb               Bb 
Labanna beri suwa sahanaya sithini labannne
Eb                         Bb          Eb        Bb    Eb
Widinna heki mihiri suwanda pamani windinne  //
|Eb | -  | Ab| - |
|Cm|Bb| Eb | - |
|Eb | -  | -   | - |
|Eb |Cm|Eb | - |
|Ab | -  |Gm|Ab|
|Eb | -  | +  |+ |
[Verse 1]
Eb                                     Bb                Eb
Hetada dawasaki heta mee lesama hiru nagee
Eb                    Ab                   Bb               Eb
Noyanu mena priye podi benda thilina oba mage //
[Verse 2]
Eb                                   Bb             Eb
Sisila unusume mama oba langa sitinnemi
Eb                  Ab             Bb             Eb
Wisira giya kusum pethi dothata aran emi //

Labanna Bari Suwa Sahanaya Song Chords

Labanna Bari Suwa Sahanaya

Meaning of the song ....

You can not go with your girlfriend. It can only be felt in his heart. Only her sweet aroma is left to suffer. She left that woman. Tomorrow is another day. Today, too, the sun is no different. That is, tomorrow is another day of wildlife. However, he is also gone. Because she was his great gift. If he does not leave him, he promises to stay close to Sisily and warmth. He says that the scattered (loved) kusum will bring her to her again. It may be different because tomorrow will be a day of rest and will continue in the pursuit of life. Perhaps she is weary because of this way of life, trying to get rid of it. She brings comfort to the mind during that lifetime battle. This song is brought up by the thoughts of a couple who are temporarily disagreeing.

ලබන්න බැරි සුව සහනය සිතිනි ලබන්නේ

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