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Kingston Town

                                                                                           Kingston Town
  -  UB40
  -  Kingston Town
  -  Ab
|Ab| - |Cm| - |
|C#| - |Eb | - | //
Ab                            Cm              C#                Eb
In the night seems to fade but the moonlight lingers on
C#                             Eb     Ab               
There are wonders for everyone the wow
Ab                          Cm                   C#             Eb
The stars shine so bright but theyre fading after dawn
C#                     Eb            Ab
There is magic in kingston town
[Verse 1]
Cm              Fm        Gm              Cm
oh kingston town the place I long to be
Fm                                          Cm
If I had the whole world i would give it away
Fm                              Eb                 
Just to see the girls at play ooh ooh ooh
Ab                   Cm            C#                  Eb
And when I am king surely i would need a queen
C#                      Eb       Ab
And a palace and everything yeah
Ab                 Cm               C#                       Eb
And now I am king and my queen will come at dawn
C#                         Eb          Ab
She'll be waiting in kingston town
|Ab| - |Cm| - |
|C#| - |Eb | - | //

                                                                Kingston Town

Details of  This Song

Song Title          : Kingston Town
Artist                  : UB40
Album               : Labour of Love II
Released           : 19 March 1990
Genre                : Reggae
Songwriter(s)   : Kentrick Patrick
Producer(s)      : UB40
Audio Length   : 03:42
Bit Rate             : 128 Kbps
Format              :  MP3

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