Me Nagaraya | මේ නගරය - Mervin Perera - chords Srilanka

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Me Nagaraya | මේ නගරය - Mervin Perera

                                                                                                 Me Nagaraya
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  -  Marvine perera
  -  Me Nagaraya
  -  Dm
|Dm| +  | A | +  |
|Gm|Bb| +  |Dm|
|Dm| - | A  | - |
|Bb | A |Dm| -|
|Dm| + | + |+|
Dm                      Bb   A             Bb       Bdim    F
Me eeee nagaraya ma oba muna gesunu nagarayai
A                                             Dm
Me eeee  nagaraya ma oba wen kerunu nagarayai //
| F  | G |Bb  | -  |
|Bb |Gm|Dm| -   |
| F  | C |Bb  |Dm|
|Dm| C |Bb  |Dm|[Verse 1]
Dm            F                                     Bb
Weu iwure diya rala pera sema bindenawa
C                                                              Dm
Nuga gas pela apa nethuwath thawa dalu lanawa //
Gm                 F          Dm                       A
Sarasavi bima kandu rellen ethera penenawa
A        Bb        A                           Dm
Obath ekka ayeth ehe yanna hithenawa 
[Verse 2]
Dm                    F                               Bb
Oba atha gena giya weediye ae ha yanawa
C                                                Dm
Singithi putha athengillaka ellei enawa //
Gm            F               Dm                A
Ae  kale pethu pethum yali sihi wenawa
A        Bb         A                             Dm
Jeewithayama sihinayakei kiya sithenawa

                                                 Me Nagaraya   

Meaning of the song ....

The song "This City" as a song in the popular list of Premakirthi who breathed out the splendid hymns through simplicity can be shown. The song is a very simple clause. The song is said to be a distressing ending of a growing interest in the Peradeniya University. In fact, such love has not been permitted to go beyond Kandy city limits for any reason. Their split has just landed in their encircled city.Their love ends, but nothing remains in their minds in the city. A boyfriend is alone in his dreams of memorizing his past love. He is an innocent craving for his previous girlfriend and his enthusiasm in staging the university.This boyfriend is now married. He's a father. He goes past his wife and little son with his past girlfriend and gone. She was reminded of her wishes then. If he does not fulfill his wishes, he is in dire need of an endless suffering. He tries to tone down his grief, believing that life is not a real thing and a dream.The songwriter actually lives for a moment in this song. Premarathi's simple vocabulary is one of the main reasons why the boy loves to experience the experience of his boyfriend.

Details of the Song - Me Nagaraya | මේ නගරය

Song Title          :  Me Nagaraya
Artist                  : Mervin Perera
Album                : Me Nagaraya
Genre                 : Sinhala Classic Songs
Songwriter        :  Premakeerthi de Alwis
Music                 :  Mervin Perera
Audio Length    : 03:50
Bit Rate              : 128 Kbps
Format               : MP3

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