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Sunil Edirisinghe

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He Is  Sunil Edirisinghe ............

Patikirige Sunil Jayapathi Edirisinghe (December 19, 1949 born) is a premier singer of Sri Lankan music. And Sunil Edirisinghe Patikirige ushettige Elizabeth Perera school season in the Kelaniya area Waragoda born as the youngest of a family of seven starts in 1955, Sri Dharmapala Vidyalaya Delgoda 1968 Sapugaskanda College and longtime beacons monastic goes for higher education.      In 1969 he saw the end of higher education and began directing to the State Printing Department. Edirisinghe Matara grandmother singing stone hover directed elder brother satiscandrayan film          " සඳකඩ පහණ "  P. Vishwa First-class honors degree is Nandasari he mastered music academy and the University of Lucknow, India, in 1975, the University of Music in India 70 Music decade. Then he joined the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and in 1980, he recorded the first lunar release. In 1979, Edirisinghe married Nandani Kumuduni Munasinghe, the father of Sanath and Sankani Edirisinghe. In 1983, determined to sing for the film " අධිෂ්ඨානය ' President's Award, and the song ' මංගල තෑග්ග' ' film ' තුරුලක හුරතල් " and " සහරාවේ සිහිනය ' film 'the cloud' music for the 'Golden Number' Award wins. In 1985, he performed the "moonstone oil lamp" with the Waruna of the entire country as well as the world. After completing his secondary education in 1969, Edirisinghe began working for the State Printing Corporation. He co-wrote by Victor Rathnayake for his film, Sathischandra's "Matara Aachchi" that year, and started his musical career by "WallyNanayakkara" Edirisinghe pursued his musical education in the early 1970s with the VVVP Nandasiri Academy of Music and at Lucknow, India. In 1975, Edirisinghe obtained first class Honors Degree from the Musician Academy of Music of India. Soon he joined the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. In 1980, Edirisinghe released his first lone " චන්ද්රමඩල ""Sunil Edirisinghe is a charming, powerful personality and singer. He has mastered himself in a singing tune. He sings every single song that enters the spirit and absorbs his own personal experience. He continually communicates the sensation of the Eheni song and the transient voice. It is extremely rare. "Edirisinghe has six brothers and sisters. His elder brother Dharmasiri was involved in the arts. His sister  Mercy  was a local music teacher, and his brothers Sathischandra and Nimal were busy for the industry

He was awarded the awards

Presidential Award in 1983 (Backing Backstage of ' අධිෂ්ඨාන ')
In 1986 he was awarded the ' වින්දන ප්‍රසාද ප්‍රණාම ' award by the Colombo Arts Visual Arts Center.
In the year 1987, " ස්වර්ණ සංඛ " award (for the background of the film "Mangala Thegaga")
1988 Sarasavi Award (for singing the background of the film 'The Sandakada Pahana')
In 1990, the Golden Drum Award ('Background of the සහරාවේ සිහිනය ')
Awards Ceremony felicitated at the "Twenty Years Singing and Broadcast" in 1992 at Public Library Auditorium, Colombo.

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