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Gunadasa Kapuge

                                                                            Gunadasa Kapuge
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He is Gunadasa Kapuge .....

Gunadasa Kapuge is a Sinhala singer and musician. His full name was Ellamulla Kapuge  Gunadasa, Gunadasa Kapuge  was born  June 13, 1970, of August 1945. He obtained his education at Eramulla Junior School, Karandeniya National School, and Galle Nagoda School. He is one of the most sought after artists in Sri Lanka. His style of singing and his songs were choked in the minds of many. Where he initially studied science before switching to music. In 1963, he left Haywood college of music, where he studied at that time, to follow a degree course in India. In late 1960, Kapuma joined the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in 1960 and was a program producer in 1975. In 1981 he was appointed Head of Music in the Rajarata Service and then as Head of the Rajarata Service. he was appointed head of the music section of Rajarata Sevaya and later promoted to the position of the controller of the station. Rajarata Sevaya is one of the provincial radio stations of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Kapuge's initial release was titled "Daes Nilupul Thema" in 1973, which became an instant hit. After that, Kapuge was quoted as a 'Grade A' vocalist by the Radio Ceylon. Thus began the three-decade-long music career of Visharada Kapuge. The first stage drama for which he provided background music was "Thuranga Sanniya" by Sugathapala De Silva. Since then he has provided background music for the highly popular musical "Tharawo Igilethi" by Lucien Bulathsinhala and several others. His first movie background music gig was for Stanley Perera's "Sandha." In 1980, Kapuge released his first music compact cassette titled "Dhampatin Laa Sandha" featuring Malini Bulathsinhala. He even aroused his voice in the face of severe state repression during the late 1980s. He is also popular with many musical compositions close to the heart of the crowd and his lively voice. Although he left on April 3, 2003, he is alive in the hearts of hearts. There are many award-winning artists. But it's not easy to win a people's award, "Our Man in Art", from among the people. Gunadasa Kapu was the singer of the people who sang for such oppressed people. This outstanding public singing man passed away forever in an accident at the Katunayake airport on April 3, 2003.

His awards

Golden Award for Best Voice (1996)
Universe Prasadini Award Sarasavi Award - Best Voice (1996)
Best Songs Award (1997)
President Award - Best Performer (1997)
Sarasavi Award - Best Voice (1997)
OCIC Award - Creative Music Direction (1997)
President's Award - Best Singer (1998)

Sarasavi Award - The Prize Seva Award (1999)

His songs include the cassettes

දම් පාටින් ලා සඳ (1980)
සීතල සඳ එළියේ (1981)
උන්මාද සිතුවම් (1983)
මාවතේ ගීතය (1983)
කම්පන (1990)
පිය සටහන් (1990)
මිරිවැඩි සඟලක් (1995)
Sunflower 1,2,3 (1998)
ඉරබටු තරුව (1999)
සඳ රෑ සිහිනේ (2000)
නෑසෙන ගී රස 1,2 (2000)

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