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Rookantha Gunathilaka

                                                                                Rookantha Gunathilaka
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He is Rookantha Gunathilaka

Mario Glory Rookantha Gunathilake is born 5 September 1959 , He named the beloved romance of a youth who opened a new avenue of Sinhala musical art Rookantha started her singing career as a singer in the late 1980s. He is a very successful  musician in the Sri Lankan pop music field , His albums have sold around 10,000 copies in Sri Lanka. He is known as the person who changed the Sri Lankan music industry in the 80's with his songs. Rookantha Gunathilaka is a middle-class family living in the Kegalle area and has enjoyed studying music from renowned musicians such as Stanley Peiris and Cyril Brown at St. Anthony's College in Kandy. Since 1976, Rookantha has been a lyricist. In 1985, he was unable to find a singer to sing his "Bambara Pahasa" He could not find a singer during his time, mixing his own voice with his own voice and starting his career as a singer. In the late 90th, his "Me Diganthaye " song included the " World Chart Show" chart produced by Radio Express.  Rookantha  won the " Suwanda Dani" song "Saptha Kanya" in 1994 and won the Singing the best film backgrounds of the Year Award for the " Siyumali Rosa Male " of the " Chitthi " which was released in 1995. He was also a key judge of the Sirasa Super Star competition recently. Rookantha's latest album was named "Maime Idhan" and was held on August 21, 2005 at the Colombo Bandaranayaka Memorial International Conference Hall. "It was released in a musical show concurrently with his wife, Chandraleke's" Mage Adare "album. Rookantha has released 5 albums in the past. His first album "Adara Recha" was released in 1983 , His second album, 1988, "Bambara Pahasa" sold more than 150,000 copies. His third album released in 1992, " Diganthaye " was sold over 100,000 copies. His forth  album  "Charuka" was released in 1997 His fifth  album “”Mayime Idan”” was released in 2005 The exclusive Concert of Rookantha and Chandralekha is "Ru Sanda Raye" which means "Beauty Moon Night". The first Concert was held at The Elphinston Theater in Colombo, Sri Lanka in February 1993. It has been staged for many places in the world such as Italy, France, Denmark, UK, USA and the Middle East Bahrain. "Ru Sanda Raye" Concert has been staged more than 200 times and still counting. Rookantha is married to a popular singer and actress Chandralekha Perera. The eldest daughter of their two daughters is Reni Charuka Gunathilake and her younger daughter is Windy. ( ජනකාන්ත, මනකාන්ත, රූකාන්ත ) At that time Dr. Pandit Amaradeva introduced this beautiful man to us.   Like Amaradeva, Rookantha is truly a lover singer in sri lanka music field                                                                                                           

Rookantha Gunathilaka Song List 


Apa Hamu Una Thana

Anatha Maruthe

Dasama Riddana

Mama Ahawwa Horen 

Payana Sanda Watakara

Sada Pini Diye

Suwada Dena Mal Wane

Ukulata Nawath

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