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Prince Udaya Priyantha

                                                                                 Prince Udaya Priyantha
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He is Prince Udaya Priyantha 

Prince Udaya Priyantha was born in Galle , Elpitiya on June 13, 1970, he was educated at Ananda Maha Vidyalaya in Elpitiya. the dream of becoming a singer is through the National Youth Services Council after school education. The Violinist and Prins joined the Youth Services band, Also, the Key bord was a good player. attempts to sing , සුදු මල් පොකුරක්, වෙරළ කොනක හිඳ, කඳුලු ගංගා, සඳරේණු වෑහෙනා, මහද ප්‍රේමාදරේ, ඔබ පෑ පෙම් සිනා, නිල්වන් ගුවන් ගැබේ, මා එදා කියූ දේ, මා හඬවලා, ඔබ හා ගෙවූ අතීතේ, ඔබ හමුවූ දිනේ, සුදුමල් විසිරුණු, පෙම්වතුන් සිනාසේ, සඳ කුමාරියක්, සමුදෙන්න සමුගන්න නම්, සිතින් ඉවසන්න බෑ, විජිතය ආදරයේ, සුළඟේ සැලී, මා තනිවී හඬන පැයේ , His songs were very popular among the fans , In addition to singing, Prins performed well for the lyrics and music.    මා හඬවලා ඔබ මගෙන් වෙන්වෙලා  මා නෙතු හඬයි රෑ දිවා තනිවෙලා ,මා මෙසේ තනි කළේ ඇයි කියන් මා ප්‍රියේ , The song was very popular among the songs that were written in music. It's also a song written on his painful experiences. Among the many songs that  Prince Udaya Priyantha sings are love songs. There is too much of a Sad . සුදුමල් පොකුරක් අතින් දරා මා ඔබේ සොහොන ළඟ තනි වී his song about  father who was not seen as a singer was also very popular. He was a Singer  who made a record sales in famous Sinhala cassettes.                       Thousands of fans have been able to enjoy their song, In the decade of the 90's, the voice of Prince Udaya Priyantha  Jun 8, 2017  was Died , At the time of his death, he was 47 years old

Prince Udaya Priyantha Song List 

Adarei Kiya Mage Dasata

Kandulu Ganga Gala

Ma Eda Kiyu De

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