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He is C. T. Fernando ......

By the late 1940's, there appeared several popular Sinhala literary works. at that moment, Sirisena Wimalaweera, Hubert Rajapakse etc., Nurthi Gee, Theater song, and Ananda Samarakoon,                 H. W. The classical song of Rupasinghe was similar to Wally Bastian and Justin Fernando's baila tradition. With all of this there was the Hindustani sub-song  tradition with the additional Sinhala cinema song Western music is Baila presenting to society  surprised everyone he is not someone else  He is C.T.Fernando  Cyril Tudor Fernando, known as C.T.Fernando  was born on January 28, 1921, Kadolana in Moratuwa  He was born But he studying at St. Mary's College, Nawalapitiya  , He joined the school drama and concerts. C.T.  was also a member of the church choir, C. T. The first song  as a radio singer  In 1947 it sang it was "සවස්‌ කල ඇලේ හමන මඳ නලේ" Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne said , But he was able to bring his popularity to that year with Suri yara 'පින් සිදු වන්නේ අනේ බාල ළමුන්නේ' song, The song was composed by  R.N. H. Perera . R. N. H. Perera wrote songs only C. T. , a school teacher, R. N. H.Perera  C. T. Is a close relative. he wrote the lyrics that were singular, aesthetically pleasing and simple , 'පින් සිදු වන්නේ අනේ බාල ළමුන්නේ' only for this is an adequate example. This song is included in the Sinhala syllabus of the fourth grade used in school even today due to its excellence , For C.T - R. N. H. Wrote  'සුවඳ රෝස මල් නෙළා', 'අම්බිලි මාමේ', 'පින් සිදු වන්නේ' these remarkable features have also been glistened in the other children's songs. Even today, the singing singer who plays the highest number of children's songs is C.T Fernando,
C. T. The songs were kept by Western-style fine tunes created by himself. He excluded film songs the rest of all the songs of the music of songs It was  C.T. own. In the first decade,even  his songs were music  by B. S. Perera  from school onwards. C.T.  friend of  Patrick Denipitiya  contributed much to his compositions. C. T. - Patrick fusion originated with Western guitar songs that had not been heard before. Then song is spreading like a propagation song in the Sinhala songs C. T. western fries did not snore words  all his songs were in the compositions. this newfound style was largely due to the western music style  of the Banglow in colombo Cinnamon gardens , therefore  the greater respect of bringing the Sinhala song to the capitalist class by the C. T. will received , Capturing Sinhala song to them. C.T. was not a minor benefit  . over the weekend, C.T played at the Galle Face Hotel, Mount Lavinia Hotel and at the Kandy Lake Club.C. T. Obtained a letter of invitation. In the 1960's, at the end of the weekends, C.T. It's rare when you see a song in this hotel.
From childhood  was sung at the kantaaru at St. Mary's Church in Nawalapitiya. C.T. the western melodies were in the audience. Nadeeka Guruge points out that the English singer  Nat King Cole has the influence of his songs and presentation style. Professor Ediriweera Sarachchandra has said  his     ( සැළලිහිණි කොවුල් හඬ ) song to be similar in English  Song “ Tavern in The Town “the singer yanina Also, C.T. “ Seegiri Sukumaliye “ The song is Bosanova Rhythm, the first anthem in Sri Lanka. His “ Ran Wan Ran Kendi Peerala “Anthem The first rock & roll vocal Sinhala literature ,  Moreover,C. T. the lyrics of the Spanish songs have a clear influence on the songs. B.B. C. Journalist John Myers is quoted. He was also a researcher of works of art which is a necessary component of popular songs. C.T. can be identified  he sang the best example “Parawunu Mal Nawatha Nathe Pipenne “ Its original recordings take the form of a song in a live musical show , The cries of cheerleaders are echoing in a concert platform during the song this is a feature that was never seen before in anyone's song. It is commendable to experiment using the minimum technical facilities of the day. His concerts are remembered by him as 'The CT Show', where he spent a lot of sessions, breaking the doors of the auditoriums for his concerts. That was the time when popularity was on the rise. There were many artists who introduced art to T's popular musical identity. Clarence Wijewardene and Neville Fernando are the pioneers of the band's music. C. T. Is a singer who produced a new kind of Sinhala songs. Children's grammar literature is an adult. a sultry man who searched for the heart of the song. A new experimenter in music , the Sinhala Anthem is a journey to the international scene , And Singer was the Sinhala Singer who performed in Queen Elizabeth II in 1952 at the Windsor Palace in England Many people do not know that , This great artist, C.T. after thirty five years, His son Priyantha Fernando continues to perform C.T's songs in his memory C.T.Fernando died On October 17, 1977 following a heart attack at the age of 56.

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