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      -  Amit Mishra, Shilpa Rao
      -  Bulleya
      -  Dm
    Movie    -  Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
    |Dm| -   | F |Bb |
    |D   | F  |Bb |Gm|
    | F   |Dm|Bb|C7 |
    | F   |Dm|Bb|Dm|
    [Verse 1]
    Dm                  F                   Bb      Gm
    Meri rooh ka parinda phadphadaaye eee
    Dm                   F                    Bb      Gm                
    Lekin sukoon ka jazeera mil na paaye eeeeee
    Eb                          A
    Ve ki karan ve ki karan
    Dm                F          Bb       Gm
    Ik baar ko tajalli toh dikha de eeeee
    Dm                          F           Bb      Gm
    Jhoothi sahi magar tasalli toh dila de eeee
    Eb                          A
    Ve ki karan ve ki karan
    Dm                                            Bb
    Ranjhan de yaar bulleya sun le pukaar bulleya
    Gm          Dm             C             Bb                 Dm
    Tu hi toh yaar bulleya murshid mera  murshid mera
    Dm                                          Bb
    Tera mukaam kamle sarhad ke paar bulleya
    Gm      Dm             C       Bb                Dm
    Parvardigar bulleya hafiz tera murshid mera
    |Dm | -   | F |Gm |
    |Dm | F  |Bb |Dm |
    [Verse 2]
    Dm                                    C
    Main kabul se mitti titli ki tarah muhajir hoon
    Bb                            F             Dm
    Ek pal ko thehrun pal mein udd jaun
    Dm                                                   C
    Ve main ta hoon pagdandi labhdi ae jo raah jannat di
    Bb                        F                      Dm
    Tere kaarwa mein shaamil hona chahun
    Dm                                     F               Bb    Gm
    Kamiyan tarash ke main kaabil hona chahun nnnn
    Eb                           A
    Ve ki karan ve ki karan


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