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    Snehaye Nagarayai Sitha Mage

                                                                                       Snehaye Nagarayai 
      -  Amarasiri Pieris
      -  Snehaye Nagarayai 
      -  Fm
    |Fm| - | - | -   |
    |Cm| - | - |  -  |
    |Fm| - | -  | -  |
    |Fm| - |+  | + |
    Fm         Eb            Ab
    Snehaye nagarayai sitha mage
    Fm           Cm          Cm7 Fm
    Mawathak hoo nwuu raagaye
    F                                Bb
    Wandanawe gihin inna asai matath ohe
    Ab                   Eb         Fm
    Koi isawwweda ee neth pure
    [Verse 1]
    Ab                            Fm              C
    Yawune nil nuwan seelayin ran malak weeda hada sal wane
    Bb                                     Ab
    Neth pahan dalwala sith sandun dun dawa
    Ab                    Eb     Fm
    Ran sina paawe pujaasane
    [Verse 2]
    Ab                                Fm             C
    Me nawathen gewa athmaye yanathura milinawee mathu dine
    Bb                                    Ab
    Senehase sihilabin duwana se yadinne man
    Ab                  Eb      Fm
    Puujaneeyai uthum adare

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