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    Ma Nogeyu Geethe ( මා නොගැයු ගීතේ )

                                                                                        Ma Nogeyu Geethe
      -  Amal Perera, Kushani Sandareka
      -  Ma Nogeyu Geethe
      -  A
    | A | - |G | - | ////
    | A | - |A7| - | //
    A              G                  A             G
    Ma nogeyu geethe hebehin maa gayanne
    A               G               A             G
    Raa pipunu kandule sisilai hada puranne
    Bm                   A                  F#m                    G
    Mage sithe soo susum wisirila aruthak thibe senasila aaaaa
    A              G                 A              G
    Ma nogeyu geethe hebehin maa widinne
    A             G               A               G
    Raa palu ahase sandatai tani rakinne
    Bm                            A                   F#m                    G
    Ma hada mewu ee pathum pubudala gangulak tibe nosidenaa
    [Inter 1]
    | A | - | G | - |///
    | A | - |Em| - |
    | G | - | A  | - |
    [Verse 1]
    A                        G                     D                          A
    Kandula katu gee wihanga kaviye miyuru tanuwak mewe
    A                    G                     D                          A
    Taniya iki lana nuhuru gamane sonduru ath wel bende
    G                                 F#m
    Wiswase mana bandina wada kalpana
    G                                    A
    Sith yaaye mumunannna geeyak wela
    F#m                                  G
    Desithaka hengum musu wena aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    [Inter 2]
    | A    | - | G | - | //
    |Bm  | - | A | - |
    |F#m| - | G | - |

                                                              Ma Nogeyu Geethe

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