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    Upan Dina Suba Pathuma ( උපන්දින සුබපැතුම පිලිගන්න )

                                                                        Upan Dina Suba Pathuma

      -  Kinsly Peris
      -  Upan Dina Suba Pathuma
      -  F
    | F | -  |Dm| - |
    | C | -  | F  | - |
    | F | -  | -  | -  |
    |Bb| -  | F  | -  |
    | F |Dm| -  | F  |
    | F |Dm| -  | F  |
    Upan dina suba pathuma piliganna
    C           F         Dm       F
    Heta ekak wath susuma mata denna
    Bak mahe mal suwanda piliganna
    C       F          Dm   C         F
    Ayenam behe apita lan wenna
    [Verse 1]
    F                      Dm                   F
    Pau karan nathi nodena hoo sasara
    Dm          C      G                 F  
    Wen karannata rathtaran apiwa //
    G                                                    F
    Mathak kara kara handai nethu kandula
    C                                           F
    Parawuna ethi roosa mal suwanda
    [Verse 2]
    F                    Dm                  F
    Susanaya gini ganna pera waage
    Dm   C          G                     F  
    Diwa raya ewileewi hada maage //
    G                                           F
    Kumariye oba thaama dan neeene
    C                                     F
    Adare maa obata pana waage

                                                     Upan Dina Suba Pathuma

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