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    Hangi Hangi Ebikam Kala ( හැංගි හැංගී එබිකම් කලා )

                                  Hangi Hangi Ebikam Kala (Sadahatama Oba Mage Theme Song) 

      -  Radeesh Vandebona
      -  Hangi Hangi Ebikam Kala
      -  Em
    | G | - | - | - |
    | C | - | - | - | //
    |Em| - | +|+ |
    Em              Am              D                            C
    Hangi hangi ebikam kala hora horen obe hitha asse //
    Em          Bm            C   B7     Em
    Hangila adare kiyannath looba naa
    C          Am         D         B      Em           
    Adare adare sadahatama oba mage
    |Em| - | C |D7 |
    |Em| - |Am|Bm|
    |Am| - |Em| -  |
    |Am|B7|Em| -  |
    [Verse 1]
    Em                                     Am      Em
    Iki bindina sayura wage kelabewi adare
    Em               C                        Am     B7  Em 
    Duka darana polowa wage ralu weewi adare
    C             Bm        Am  Bm       D              B                G
    Eee wage mee ape aa adare lassana ahase tharu mal wage
    Am                 B7        Em
    Sumudhui mal pettak wage
    [Verse 2]
    Em                                       Am        Em
    Sadahata ma oba thrule reka deewi aadare
    Em               C                       Am      B7  Em 
    Ma obage diyunuwa wee dew wimane aadare
    C                Bm        Am       Bm       D               B                G
    Samuganna daa jeewethayen api awasan husma poda weda nage
    Am               B7        Em
    Ekatama yan ape aadare

                           Hangi Hangi Ebikam Kala (Sadahatama Oba Mage Theme Song) 


    1. Anjali MegavannanJune 2, 2016 at 2:54 PM

      Hi, Can any one please tell which Language this song?

    2. Anjali, this song is written in Sinhala language.




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