Wasanawe Surangana ( වාසනාවේ සුරංගනා ) - chords Srilanka

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Wasanawe Surangana ( වාසනාවේ සුරංගනා )

                                                              Wasanawe Surangana

  -  H R jothipala
  -  Wasanawe Surangana
  -  G
| G | + | + | + |
| D | + | G | + |
| G |D7| G  |D7|
| G | -  | + | + |
G        Em Bm       G                             Em            G
Wasanawe surangana san sun lathawen ran wan kathawen
G          Em         G                          D                    D7    G
san sun lathawen ran wan kathawen piyum bellmen sina suna
G        Em  Bm      G
Wasanawe surangana aaaaaaaaaaaa
| G | - |Am|Em|
| G | - |D7| G  |
| G |C |D7 |G   |
[Verse 1]
G          G   C     G        G     C     G       F         G
Ashawa bihiwee aaloke nehe wee jeewethe piruna aa //
G       C      Em     G      F               G
Aawe aawe weedanawe soo susum sinduna
[Verse 2]
G        D7       G            D7  G               F         G
Aetha ahasen dooo paawela enne sihina wel belmen
G        C         Em     G                  C        Em     G           D       G
Paawe paawe raawe raawe paawe paawe raawe raawe adare adare 

                                                                 Wasanawe Surangana

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  1. Dear Chords sri Lanka.

    Pinsiduwewa, I requested the chords for this song a couple of days ago. I know people like you would definitely be busy in general, however, you have come forward to full my kind request so quickly.

    No matter the method that we can use to comport the human, it can be on money, sometimes by property and sometime you do that in words. End of the day, if one can be given happiness. It would be a great pinkama. You dear chords sri lanka, always keep some one happy by providing this chords, it clearly can be seen on the comments which your fans makes.


    P. G. silva