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    Mage Sitha Ridawa ( මගේ සිත රිදවා )

                                                                        Mage Sitha Ridawa

      -  Chillie Thilanka
      -  Mage Sitha Ridawa
      -  Am
    |Am| - | G | - |
    | F  | - |Em| - | //
    Am                      F                      Dm           G           
    Mage sitha ridawa sithuwili rawata dama dura giya
    F                                  Em          Am
    Duk ginne hada maage awula paarawaaa
    F                  C       G                           Am                
    Ee mewuwwa heene sunwee maa thani wuna
    [Verse 1]
    Am                          F                     Dm      G
    Ruwa dutu dhaa pem benda numbada maaa edha
    F                          Em                  Am
    Piya menna numba haa ma thurule weli
    G                                     F           Em  G                 Am
    Mataka ma haa tani kara dama dura giye eay hadawa mese
    G                      F              Em7                      Am
    Iwasanne kelesa maaaa duk waawanu baa mee lese
    [Verse 2]
    Am                          F                  Dm         G
    Duk kandulin sitha susumuin atharaman wee maaaa
    F                             Em             Am
    Thani wuu daaa hitha hada ganne kese
    G                                       F                 Em           G        Am
    Kandulu watila maa denetha rathu we hita katu gewe ay me lese
    G                              F                   Em7                          Am
    Thani wennam mataka athare numba hata duk noma wanu mene

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