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Adara Charika Jiwana Charika | ආදර චාරිකා

                                                 Adara Charika Jiwana Charika
Aadara Charika Chords, Amitha Wedisinghe Songs Chords, Old Sinhala Songs, Sinhala Song Chords,
  -  Amitha Wedisinghe  
  -  Adara Charika 
  -  C
|C/G|F/G| C |Dm|
| G  |  C | G | -   |
| G  |  C | + | +  |
C                                  Dm
Adara charikha jeewana charika
C                                 G      G7     C       
Sithuwili ath wel benda yana adara charika
C                                  Dm
Dedunu maliga jeewana maliga
C                    G          G7              C       
Adara sithakin hadana jeewana maliga
[Verse 1]
C           C7          F              C
Komala rekhawan ada ninde pibidila
C         Dm         G                 C    
Milana ahase dedunnak se paayala
G                                        F    C
Ananga mal heeye petaleela eminila
C          G                  G7      C
Rasoga mal peththak sulage paawela
[Verse 2]
C            C7             F                   C
Suramya sihina lowe yanawita charikha
C              Dm               G                    C    
Prasannna kelma madei chanchala neth charuka
G                                                   F      C
Thushara madulu wiman mal wesse sodhana
C           G                  G7                C
Ek them geya ta udin dedunnak payala

                                        Adara Charika Jiwana Charika

Meaning of the song ....

The journey of life is a romantic journey. Also a real palace. Thoughts are intertwined (hands-on) and placed in a loving mind. Chamomile lines appear most likely from sleep. It was like a rainbow in the sky. A flower bud floats with a flower of a flower. What's the secret of it? Only when he dreams of a dream come true. One of the saddles that have been imprisoned so far is what is going on in the real world.

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