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    Nube Suwada Pirunu Punchi Kamare

                                                 Nube Suwada Pirunu Punchi Kamare

      -  Sanath nandasiri
      -  Nube Suwada Pirunu
      -  D
    | D | A | G  | D |
    | A | -  |A/G| D |
    | D | - |  -  |Em|
    |Em| - |D/Em| D |
    | D | - | Em|  - |
    |Em| - |D/Em| D |
    | D | - |  -  |Em|
    |Em| - | D/Em| D|
    D                                       Em
    Nube suwada pirunu punchi kamare
    Em                        D/Em      D
    Rathu rosa malaka pethi heli tiyee
    Bm                     D          Em
    Mata napuru une ei dayawiyee
    Me kandulu bindu pratama premaye // 
    [Verse 1]
    D                            D7         G
    Mage samaru pothe rosa pitu soya 
    G                                  D
    Muthu akuru peliyak liyu oya //
    D                                      Em
    Sihiwatanayak lesin tawath thiye
    Bm                  A               D
    Samanala piyapathakya jeewethe
    [Verse 2]
    D                         D7     G
    Sitha duraka giya adare soya
    G                                          D
    Muthu kandulu binduwak gala giya // 
    D                                    Em
    Samugenma wedanawaki lowee
    Bm                  A               D
    Mee indrachapayakya jeewethe

                                                                             See Video

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