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    Daiwayogayakin Nowedo

                                                          Daiwayogayakin Nowedo

      -  Victor Rathnayaka
      -  Daiwayogayakin Nowedo
      -  G

    |G/D|G/D|C/D| C |
    |D/G|D/C| D7 |G |
    G                Em  G
    Daiwayogayakin noweedo
    G                     G7       C
    Hamuwune apa hamuwuneee
    D                  Am  D
    Daiwaye saradam labannata
    D                     D7     G
    Kima mese apa hamuwune  //
    [Verse 1]
    G                      G7          C
    Anduru thumiyai premaye oba
    C                       D7     G
    Anduru thumiyai yawwane  //
    Gm                     D  
    Sokaye rudu wedanawe 
    D                     D     G 
    Kandulu sayure ulpathai
    [Verse 2]

    G                    G7          C
    Nandun uyanai snehaye oba 
    C                 D7     G
    sadun sisilai jeewethe  //
    Gm                   D 
    Somnase Aanandye
    D                        D7    G 
    Hasarel tharange ulpathai

                                                                            See Video

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