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Christmas song chords | sinhala christmas song chords

         Christmas song chords | sinhala Christmas song chordsChristmas song chords | sinhala christian song chords

Christmas song chords, Sinhala Christmas song chords - Sinhala Christian song chords

Today in this post you can follow up on Christmas song chords, Sinhala Christmas song chords - Sinhala Christian song chords

Christmas song chords

The total population of Sri Lanka can be divided into several religions. About 70% of Sri Lankans are Theravada Buddhists and about 15% are Hindus. The remaining 10% of the population are Muslims and 7% are Christians. In the year 2008, Sri Lanka was ranked 3rd among the countries with the highest level of religious diversity, according to the 'Gulup Pol' survey. 99% of Sri Lankans, regardless of their religion, say that their religion is an essential element of their daily lives.


History of Christianity

The history of Christianity is the history of Christianity and the Church from the time of Jesus, the Seventy of His followers, and the twelve apostles to the present day. Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the revelations of Jesus. In many Christian denominations, the church is considered by Jesus to be the organization established for the salvation of mankind. This meaning is sometimes used interchangeably with the word "high church". In contrast, the small church represents a personal relationship between Jesus and his followers.

Christianity traditions

Christianity originated in Jerusalem in the first century, but spread rapidly throughout the Roman Empire and later to other countries, such as Armenia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Assyria, Iran, India, and China. Although initially excluded, it became the state religion of Armenia in 301 or 314, the state religion of Ethiopia 325, the state religion of Georgia 337, and then the state religion of the Roman Empire in 380. During the era of exploration, it spread around the world and became the largest religion in the world.

Throughout Christianity history

Throughout history, this religion has been subject to various divisions and ideological ideologies and have been divided into different sects. The two largest denominations are the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. But Eastern denominations, such as the Oriental Orthodox, the Protestant Church and other denominations represent a large percentage of the Christian community.

Christmas festival

Christians around the world celebrate Christmas on December 25 every year. On Christmas Day, Christians celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, who brought the message of peace to the world. (36 BC - 14 AD) Palestine was ruled by the Roman emperor Octavius ​​Augustus and his vassal King Herod. Roman authorities ordered their subjects to come to Bethlehem for a census.

Joss, a carpenter from the village of Nazareth, arrived in Bethlehem in the evening with his pregnant wife, Mary, but could not find a place to stay. It was useless to go home. Eventually, they had to take shelter in a cowshed.

That night Mary gave birth to the baby Jesus. On this auspicious day, three wise men saw a comet shining in the sky and came to the place where the babies were born in Bethlehem. That was the wonderful event that led to Christmas.

Sri Lankans go to church at midnight on the 24th of December, the day Christ was born, and attend Mass. Then on the 25th, there will be a great celebration.

Home exhibiting models of the infant Jesus' birthplace, sending greeting cards to friends, and carol singing are some of the popular Christmas celebrations. In addition, there is another popular character. He was the beloved Santa Claus, loved by children and adults alike.

                                                      Christmas carols

christmas carols

The carol may have originated from the chorus singing without music by the Greeks in a circle, but this was forbidden by the early church.

Christmas and other Christmas-related celebrations in these countries at this time were also challenged. But after the great caricaturist Charles Dickens published Christmas Carol in 1843, Carroll came to life again. Many current carols are considered to have been composed after this time.

                                          Christmas Songs

sinhala christian song chords

There are a few signs that Christmas is about to dawn on us. It is adorned with ornate ornaments. The cool breeze blows all around, creating a refreshing atmosphere.

During this time Christmas songs are constantly on our minds. This time we bring you a selection of such Christmas songs. Some of these songs were later used as hymns for worship.

You can follow the song list of Christmas song chords, Sinhala Christmas song chords, Sinhala Christian song chords also lyrics and mp3, 

Sinhala Christian song chords list 

Nelum Pipila Pethi Visirila | Latha Walpola

Sura Geeyai Bilindu Handai | සුර ගීයයි බිළිඳු හඬයි

Seenu Handin Lowa Pibidenawa

Ma Saminde - Kalakata Pera 

Jesu Jesu Oba Innawa

Gawahale Piduru Mitiya

Pulun Wage Sudu Reula Digai

 Ra Tharu Babalanawa

 Adara Mage Jesuni

Namo Mariyani

Shantha Anthoni Muni Thuma ( සාන්ත අන්තෝනි මුනිතුමා )

Mari Mawu

Adarei Mage Jesu | ආදරෙයි මගේ ජේසු

Bethlehem Pure - බෙත්ලෙහෙම් පුරේ

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